Here are some brief descriptions of game work I've done, the organizations I'm a part of, and some of my favorite games of all time...

StarioKart Onslaught

I wrote this game from scratch, from the event loop to OpenGL code with SDL to sounds effects with FMOD. The audio, models, and many textures were obtained from the Internet (don't worry, I won't try selling it for profit! =)). It was written for CS248 at Stanford in the Fall of 2006. This game was a finalist in the Stanford 2006 video game competition!

This game was designed around a space theme and makes the most of the graphic effects I was able to incorporate. Although I do not plan to make any profit from this piece of work, I look forward to continue designing games and be involved in other gaming projects, possibly even related to those listed below. I hope this page gives you an idea of what the game involves, and that you enjoy reading about some of the other games which have inspired it.

Download StarioKart Onslaught (for Windows, best on 4:3 displays)

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